Cartoons, Illustrations & Caricatures.


Welcome to KaBOOM! Toons, Jason Trevenen is a Perth based freelance artist, creating  Cartoon Illustration work and designs for a range of clients as well as commissioned and 'Live' Caricatures. This online portfolio has a sample of the range of Jason's work.




Corporate Work, Book Illustration, Character Design and more.


Here is a sample of work including Corporate presentations and Illustrations, Character Design, Book and Random clientele Illustration work.


Character Design


Commissioned to redesign the 6 Yowie characters from the early 90's.  They have been revamped for a new generation by the Yowie Group which is breading into the US confectionary market and here in Australia..

NRL Mascot Beanie Designs for ALL 16 teams

NRL Mascot Beanie Designs for ALL 16 teams

Corporate Designs

NRL/Burley Sekem Beanies from Concept to Creation


Book Illustration

Multicultural Me

Commissioned to create a poem to book illustration form to be used as a tool to promote discussion about cultural diversity 


Corporate Illustrations


An Illustrated Manual of the correct/incorrect procedures on the job 

Incursions & Workshops.


KaBOOM! Toons conduct incursions within schools, helping to teach to students of all ages basic cartooning and drawing principles as well as helping develop artistic skills they may already possess.  

KaBOOM! Toons incursions uses templates designed to help students begin their illustrations.

Jason explains how shapes, planning, proportions and posing are all skills needed in creating a good illustration, whether it's  designing character faces and expressions, drawing people in motion, designing alien monsters and spaceships to drawing your favourite animal.

Below is Jason designing some Character heads using different shapes with a FACES template that the students would use as a starting base in creating characters in the classroom workshops.


Commissioned and Live Caricatures.


A Caricature is a great Birthday or Christmas gift for someone who has everything, someone who is retiring, leaving or reached a milestone within your company. 
Why not get a Caricature of them for a fun gift you won't get anywhere else.